Helping you and your family get ahead.

On Oct. 21, vote David Sweet for Flamborough-Glanbrook.

Helping you and your family get ahead.

On Oct. 21, vote David Sweet for Flamborough-Glanbrook.

Why I'm Running

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As I talk to more and more people across Flamborough-Glanbrook at their front doors, at community events, or when I stop to get a coffee, it’s clear that they’re finding it harder to make ends meet. They’re working harder shifts and longer hours, they’re commuting further, but it’s getting more and more difficult to get by. 

I’ve seen it first hand, in my own family. My sons and their young families have expressed these anxieties. One son, who runs his own small business, is feeling the pressure of higher taxes and more red tape.

Housing prices are through the roof, taxes are getting higher and higher, people are really starting to feel the pinch and that takes a mental and physical toll. 

I’ve seen the impact in my own family and I am worried that my kids and grandkids aren’t going to have the same opportunities that my generation has had.

That’s not the Canada I want to leave to them. When government does the right things, it can make a positive difference in people’s lives. Our positive Conservative vision for Canada is one where government lifts up the people rather than stifles them. We need an affordable country to work and live in — one where you can enjoy in the early years of your career, grow with your family, and enjoy a dignified retirement.

See below some of what I want to continue to focus on for Flamborough-Glanbrook.

Giving hard-working Canadians and their families some much needed tax relief

Ensuring real progress on pension protections for workers and retirees during bankruptcy proceedings

Advocating for more funding for mental health research and programs

Making important infrastructure investments on the Linc, Red Hill, Skyway Bridge, Hwy 403 and GO Transit system to address gridlock

Helping you get ahead instead of just getting by

David Sweet
On Friday, Canada's Conservatives released our fully detailed, costed platform focused on helping you get ahead. We want to make life more affordable for everyone, be they students, workers, young families, homeowners, seniors, commuters, or anyone else. By visiting, you can learn more about every aspect of our plan. Message from Andrew Scheer This election isn’t about me, or …

Will you support David’s campaign to help Flamborough-Glanbrook get ahead?