One of the most common messages I hear from those who visit my office or those I meet while canvassing across Flamborough-Glanbrook is a message I have been hearing over and over for quite some time now: something needs to be done to address the gridlock that is crippling our community. Unfortunately, improving the infrastructure in the Greater Hamilton Area is an issue that has been totally neglected by the Liberal government. 

I’ve been questioning the lack of meaningful infrastructure funding in our community constantly over the past four years. Flamborough-Glanbrook is one of the fastest growing ridings in the country, but somehow the Liberals keep passing over crucial projects such as improving traffic congestion on the 403.Whether you are commuting to work or simply trying to get downtown for an appointment, gridlock is going to impact you. 

The lack of funding that has come into our area over the past four years contrasts starkly with the investments made in the community under our previous Conservative government.  

Between 2006 and 2015, over $1.1 billion was invested in projects across the Greater City of Hamilton, including over $23 million to improve the 403 and $37.5 million to improve the GO Transit Lakeshore West Corridor. These important investments made commuting more manageable, eased traffic congestion across our community, and made sure that you could get home to your family quicker. 

A hard-working community deserves a government that will work hard for it in return, not neglect it. Canada’s Conservatives track-record is clear: we are focused on making the important investments that make life easier for workers and families.  

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