Canada is truly the greatest country in the world, of that I have no doubt. By and large our communities are as safe, our children as well-educated, and our population as healthy as anywhere else in the world.  

MP David Sweet at the Rotary Club of Dundas’ Canada Day Pancake Breakfast.

Two years after our sesquicentennial (150th) celebration, Canadians continue to count our immense blessings when we see war-torn and terrorism-plagued parts of the world, devastating natural disasters, and other nations where hatred and intolerance are the sad reality. 

Sitting on the House of Commons subcommittee on international human rights, we constantly hear witness testimony about these injustices and help give voice to Canada’s strong stand for human rights, freedom and democracy around the world. 

That’s why on Canada Day, we know deep in our heart how blessed we are to be Canadians. 

MP David Sweet at the Lynden Canada Day Parade.

I hope you enjoyed Waterdown’s famous Oh Canada Ribfest all weekend long, as well as the fantastic Lynden and Troy Canada Day parades, fireworks at Kingsview Community Church in Upper Stoney Creek, the Binbrook Canada Day celebration at Southbrook Golf and Country Club, or wherever else you may have been celebrating. I know that I certainly did.  

Canada Day and every day, we thank our veterans for ensuring we can enjoy all the freedoms of Canadians. We also thank our seniors for building this great country and the contributions they continue to make today. Happy Canada Day to all! May God bless the true north, strong and free.

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