The Liberal plan to protect our environment isn’t working. By all accounts the Liberal plan, which gives big polluters a pass on most of their emissions that he is not giving to consumers or small businesses, does not have us on track to meet our Paris emission reduction targets and conservation efforts are failing across the country. In 2016 the Liberals approved the dumping of billions of litres of untreated raw sewage into our waterways, a proposal that our previous Conservative government rejected because of the negative impacts it could have on our marine ecosystems. Canada needs a new plan. 

Fighting Climate Change

Our Conservative plan strengthens Canada’s economic advantage and encourages environmental sustainability by making sure major emitters do their part to lower emissions. Guided by our Green Technology, Not Taxes principle, we will require Canadian companies to lead by example and invest in emissions-reducing technology if they fall short of our emissions standards. These standards will keep pace with technological change so that our businesses can adapt and continue to be competitive and environmentally sustainable, reducing their emissions with minimal economic impact.

Companies will be required to reduce their emissions to those limits. Those that emit more than is allowed under the Green Investment Standards will be required to invest in research, development, and adoption of emissions-reducing technology related to their industry.  These companies will be required to invest a set amount for every tonne of greenhouse gas they emit above the limit. We want major emitters to invest in technology that will give them the best shot at reducing their own emissions.

Helping Families Reduce their Emissions

For so many Canadians, the up-front cost of making their home energy efficient is unrealistic and out of reach. There are Canadian innovators and businesses that have developed options for home improvement, but like any new product, it can take a while for these to become the go-to option at an affordable price.

These home improvements do not just save energy, they can also save money through lower home energy costs. To support Canadian families, a Conservative government will create a two-year Green Homes Tax Credit (GHTC) for homeowners to help pay for energy-saving renovations such as investments in high-efficiency furnaces, replacing doors and windows with more energy efficient models and installing solar panels,  while also encourage families to try new energy-saving products and technologies. This credit will allow Canadians to save up to $3,800 on their renovations in each year.

The Green Patent Credit

The green technology sector in Canada is growing, but it is not yet profitable. Canada does well in things like entrepreneurial ambition, public research and development, and venture capital; but we fall short on the number of researchers, amount of business research and development, and the number of patents.

Our Conservative Plan to protect the environment will inspire green entrepreneurs and the development of green technology by creating a Green Patent Credit that will reduce the tax rate to 5% on income that is generated from green technology developed and patented in Canada. The Green Patent Credit will incentivize the green-technology sector to do research and development as well as commercialization here in Canada, making our country a destination for green innovation. The increased supply of new emissions-reducing technology will in turn make green technology options more affordable for Canadians. The Green Patent Credit is modeled on the ‘patent box’ approach in the U.K.

Preserving Canada’s Natural Wonders

Canada is full of countless natural wonders from coast to coast, but policies that allow such attacks on our environment as dumping billions of litres of untreated sewage into our waterways is only putting them at risk. I was proud to have advocated for the much needed clean-up of the Randle Reef that our previous Conservative government began in 2012. Our plan to ensure the continued preservation Canada’s natural wonders includes:

  • A Strategy for Invasive Species and Major Pests such as Pine Beetles, Asian Carb and Zebra Mussels
  • A Comprehensive update of Canada’s strategy to protect our fisheries, forests and agricultural lands
  • A science-based terrestrial and marine conservation assessment to identify the best opportunities for expanding Canada’s protected areas network to create more parks, marine protected areas and wildlife sanctuaries.
  • Modernizing air quality standards and regulations with a focus on urban areas

For more information on our plan to protect the environment, preserve Canada’s natural wonders, and fight climate change, click here

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